When working with one of our account managers, you will work exclusively with them from start to finish.  We will never just turn you over to a customer service representative and then run on to the next project.

We pride ourselves as being one of the MOST RESPONSIVE  sales team in the industry!

KOJAK Graphic Communications

is a full service print and direct mail provider.

We pride ourselves not only on our

print quality but also on the

relationship and partnership that you will get from us.

The KOJAK Experience

At Kojak, we have a broad range of capabilities ranging from commercial print, direct mail, promotional items, and apparel. Our equipment includes digital, sheet fed and web machines. We work with companies looking for 500 business cards to those looking to print 2 million membership cards.




At Kojak, we build a mutually beneficial relationship with each of our clients.  We strive for our clients to feel as if we are an extension of their company. Our sales team brings years of experience in the print industry on every project.  It is our goal to understand your business, this way we can help to deliver your message more effectively and efficiently to your prospective audience.

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